Reel Doctor Talk

Take the leap. Just keep your head safe.

by Smitha R. Chadaga MD

During the recent TV winter hiatus, I have returned to old favorites, including How I Met Your Mother. And I have to say the season 4 finale gets met every time.  No matter how many times I've seen it, I always get excited and invigorated when gang takes the leap for their future.  But I always wonder - how did Ted (Josh Radnor) make that leap after getting knocked out like that? Did he have a concussion?


A concussion occurs when the brain suffers injury from being shaken inside the skull.  Usually this is due to a blow to the head but anything that rattles the brain enough can cause one.   You don't have to pass out to suffer a concussion.


Symptoms of a concussion can happen immediately but can also take hours or days to become apparent. Symptoms include

1. headache

2. confusion

3. difficulty concentrating

4.  irritability and/or change in personality

5.  nausea and vomiting

6.  changes in sleep patterns


Most head injuries should be evaluated by medical personnel.  Immediate attention must be sought when patient's have:

1.  worsening and unrelenting headache

2.  weakness or numbness

3.  persistent vomiting

4.  severe drowsiness and cannot be awakened

5.  seizures

6.  different sized pupils

7.  loss of consciousness for more than 30 seconds.


Ted's friends were worried enough to take him to the hospital after he got beaten up by that goat.  And Ted left with no signs of a concussion. Guess the goat treated him with "kid" gloves!