Reel Doctor Talk

Don't sweat the server stuff

by Smitha R. Chadaga MD

I honestly have no idea how any job outside of medicine works.  Seriously.  When people say what they do I pretend to know something about that field.  But, I don’t.  And that especially applies to the tech field.  So I’ll admit I have been fascinated to see how cutthroat things can get on Silicon Valley.  No wonder Richard (Thomas Middleditch, @Middleditch) had night sweats in episode 5 of season 2.  But did he have “real” night sweats?


Night sweats is sweating that occurs while sleeping and is severe enough to require a change in clothes and/or sheets AND not associated with an overheated environment or excess clothing and/or bedding.


The occasional night sweat may not have clinical significance.  But if night sweats happen on a regular basis, wake you up from sleep or are accompanied by a fever then a doctor’s visit is in order.


Night sweats can happen with:

1.  Infections – like tuberculosis or HIV

2.  Cancers – like lymphoma or leukemia

3.  Medications – including antidepressants and antipsychotics

4.  Low blood sugar – especially in diabetes

5.  Changes in hormone levels – with menopause, overactive thyroid, or after having a baby


I’m still not sure if Richard had “real” night sweats.  But I’m pretty sure he wasn’t wetting the bed.