Reel Doctor Talk

 Where Medicine and Entertainment Collide – Top Five*


By Smitha R. Chadaga MD


*from a survey of 1 physician – myself


1.    Best Scrubs: Mindy Lahiri MD - The Mindy Project


This is just the tip of the iceberg of my admiration for The Mindy Project (@TheMindyProject).  Future posts will surely bear this out.  But for now can I just say that Dr. Lahiri’s scrubs are amazing works of art? As a female physician who has been relegated to unflattering box like scrubs and lab coats for years I am jealous of Dr Lahiri’s professional wardrobe.


2.    Best doctor to patient ratio: House MD


House (@hughlaurie) and his minions take care of one patient at a time.  If only there was a way to get insurance to cover this at my hospital.  The average in-patient doctor (like myself) sees anywhere from 12-15 patients a day.  Granted all my work is confined to the hospital.  Not breaking into patient’s houses frees up time to see more patients.


3.     Favorite TV word/phrase: “vajayjay” – Grey’s Anatomy.


Thanks to Shonda Rimes (@shondarimes) and crew for using the word “vajayjay” in Season 2, Episode 17. What started off as a way to get around ABC censors has made it onto the medical wards and is used by patients.  Now if only the Shondaland (@ShondalandTV) team can introduce us to a term for the male anatomy.


4.     Favorite TV medical device: Tricorder – Star Trek. 


That little machine is a piece of genius – just wave it around and you get a diagnosis!  I bought a toy version of this before starting medical school.  I can’t really explain why- probably because I’ve wanted to be a doctor since the age of five AND I’m a huge Star Trek: The Next Generation fan.  And the dream may become a reality thanks to point of care ultrasound.


5.     Favorite TV doctor name: Dr. Leo Spaceman – 30 Rock


Dr. Spaceman pronounces his name Spah-CHEM-in. But Tracy Jordan (@RealTracyMorgan) keeps calling him Dr. Space Man (season 1, episode 7).  I feel Dr. Spaceman’s pain.  Patients of a certain generation can’t figure out how to say my name, Dr. Chadaga, and call me Dr Zhivago.  But that is nothing to the few times I’ve been called Dr. Chewbacca.  You haven’t lived until your supervising physician shouts “Chewy” in a crowded ICU and you turn around without hesitation.   Which happened to me in residency.  A lot.